National Resilience Platform

The rapidly changing global landscape and Australia’s unique global position, has underlined the need for individuals, businesses and government to work together for the common good. A National Resilience Platform would allow stakeholders

    • to collaboratively analyse vulnerabilities across key domains along with the cascading impact
    • to understand the capabilities needed across the value chain of each domain and Australia’s vital areas of interest for assets which should remain Australian-owned
    • a common baseline for discussion and policy design.

The platform would map the plethora of public and private initiatives underway in Australia to offer a cohesive overview and create a national register of stakeholders to improve collaboration.

The platform is also intended to support the proposed National Resilience Institute to draw on a broad range of technical knowledge, domestic experience and international expertise to become a ‘lighthouse’ for best practice in preparing for threats, minimising their impact and reducing their costs.

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Global Access Partners


Institute For Integrated Economic Research