Service Navigator



The Service Navigator enables you to navigate the entire services landscape of your organisation. It establishes visibility across your service offerings and surfaces insights in an aggregated manner. It provides you a line-of-sight across the end-to-end services value chain right from your goals, KPIs and risks down to the change or BAU activities.

The Service Navigator helps you to effortlessly monitor and track everything your organisation does to deliver services. You can now explore all the components of your service ecosystem and understand the performance and risks associated with the service delivery journey. The dashboards and their various views enable you to engage effectively with clients and stakeholders to facilitate decision making around services.

Key benefits


  • Visibility and insights across the service landscape (volume, revenue, costs, funding, resource attribution and delivery mechanisms etc.)
  • Engage with clients and stakeholders; establish clarity of roles and responsibilities across the service lifecycle
  • Insights into client-wise service consumption and their interaction with value streams
  • Common language and taxonomy for delivery of corporate services; enables collaboration across entities
  • Simplifies change impact assessments in governing the introduction of capabilities in the value stream ecosystem
  • Understand the risk landscape, coverage and effectiveness of controls in service delivery

Executives and other stakeholders can navigate the entire service catalogue in a central digital environment.

Standardised and centralised processes make it easy to manage service delivery and review performance

Standardised and centralised processes make it easy to manage service delivery and review performance

Key features

Dashboards & reporting

Digital & connected workspaces

Analytics & insights

Interfaces & integration

Collaboration & engagement

Onboarding & operationalisation

Powered by StrategyDotZero


StrategyDotZero is a next generation enterprise platform that accelerates business transformation and catalyses the future of work.

The StrategyDotZero platform provides: 

  • A pre-configured operating model to design, plan and execute complex transformation initiatives
  • Executive dashboards and reporting to establish clear line-of-sight from strategic blueprint to project delivery
  • Connected and digital workspaces to bring together various functions across the organisation
    from business planning and risk management to portfolio-program-project delivery and governance
  • Interactive visual experiences to support stakeholder engagement and communication bringing key program stakeholders to the same page

StrategyDotZero is enabled by Gravity iLabs. We at Gravity, partner with organisations and governments to design products
and services that create impact across industries in local and global contexts.