Strategic PMO in a box



Our ‘PMO in a box’ offering provides an end-to-end solution including:

Setting up the team, structure, roles &

Locating the team in the Organisation Chart/
Operating Model for best results

Standardised across the organisation

Flow of data, Alignment with business needs

Provide a mechanism to sustain and run
your PMO based on our proven digital
platform, StrategyDotZero

Key benefits


  • Drive strategic initiatives and digital transformation
    Set your organisation on the right path by identifying strategic initiatives that transform and drive business performance
  • Improve portfolio prioritisation
    Prioritise the projects and initiatives most important to organisation strategy and improve PMO performance
  • Digitise end-to-end portfolio, program and project Management lifecycle
    Monitor and track the P3M lifecycle performance by digitising its end to end journey from definition to execution
  • Automate and standardise reporting
    Use intuitive and insightful reports and dashboards that are dynamic, time saving and standardised to cater to the needs of your organisation
  • Track benefits realisation
    Identify, monitor and track benefits realised by Programs, Projects and initiatives executed by your organisation

Key features

Executive Dashboards
Executives centric dashboards bring key decision makers upto date to make well informed decisions

Updates & Notifications
Track the latest updates and get notified of key milestones of the P3M lifecycle

Action Center
Track actions that need immediate attention through an intuitive Action Center

Dynamic reports consumable both digitally and printable for easy sharing

Digital Workspaces
User workspaces centered around key organisation functional roles provide a clear top down to bottom up line of sight

Workflow Manager

Define user workflows and manage key P3M approval processes within your organisation to improve ownership

Why choose PMO in a box?

Trusted by Government

Our solutions are currently in use at several Australian Federal & State Government agencies as well as in the Private Sector.

Highly secure

The PMO in a box solution is based on our StrategyDotZero platform which is IRAP assessed to store information upto Protected Level

Easy procurement

Gravity iLabs is a pre-qualified vendor on DTA’s WoG Marketplace.

Powered by StrategyDotZero

Executive Dashboards
co-developed with executives and experts from Australia’s leading Government & Private organisations ensures better visibility for executives. It also drives leadership engagement and empowers them to make evidence based decisions with data at their fingertips.

Digital Workspaces
Built with intelligent business rules and configurable workflows frees up practitioners to focus on delivering the project, than working on administrative tasks.

Standardised Digital Reports
The system has automated reporting which pre-populates reports for ongoing cycle from the last cycle.
Data captured once reflects across all dashboards and reports automatically